Little Ugly is a family of creatives. We have a multi-disciplinary history that spans across an array of mediums such as music videos, theater, commercials, art installations, live concerts, and feature films. We believe in the artists that we work with and the stories that each of them has to tell.

Kimberly S Stuckwisch
Founding Partner
E: kimberly@littleugly.com
Carlos Lopez Estrada
Founding Partner
E: carlos@littleugly.com
Neil Garvey
Head of Production
C: 201.693.2359
E: neil@littleugly.com
Falk Eumann
Creative Executive Producer
E: falk@littleugly.com
Melora Donoghue
Executive Producer
E: melora@littleugly.com
Music Video Representation
Contact: Doug Klinger
E: doug@reprobates.tv