Jeremy W.

Jeremy W. is an artist with a very long last name. He’s a Canuck and a RISD grad. That’s where that art came from. Canada. He’s collaborated with commercial and independent clients from Electronic Arts to Nike and once played guitar in a metal band. When in the gauntlet, Jeremy balances a clear creative vision with a holistic approach, always looking to inspire curiosity and experimentation throughout the process. Never afraid to get his hands dirty, he does it all. Jeremy is a director and designer experienced in all mediums from live action to animation, hell bent on making things look good.

Jeremy closed out 2017 winning Best Opening Title Sequence at the Golden Trailer Awards for XXX3: The Return of Xander Cage. Word. He designed the main-on-ends for the unassailable Wonder Woman. He also directed music videos for Anne Dereaux (“mo(u)rning”) and Los Angeles dark wave heroes, GLAARE (“Surrender/Control”).

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Anne Dereaux Mo(u)rning
NikeHyperwarm Flex
Anne DereauxLet Me Love You
GlaareSurrender / Control
MaddenBootflow w/ Ray Lewis